About Twin Talk...


Founded on building and delivering training solutions that empower people with skills and insight to make better choices and live bigger lives, Twin Talk is a brand owing its name to the twins; Ts'epang and Nts'epeng. It creates and enhances individuals' aspirations, links and empowers societies through motivational coaching towards inspiring individuals to be brave enough to take on the challenges at a scale that makes a significant impact for themselves and their environments.

They live and breathe transformation.


Backed up with their vocational delivery as seasoned entrepreneurs and founded on curriculum training as Computer Science degree holders and subsequently Masters in Development Management and Business Administration, they make a dynamic team of strong businesswomen who are also trained professionals to deliver development and business skills with International Standard.

Due to their background in fusing family and business, their daily interaction and subsequent coaching of youth and business people, their stronghold in maintaining and growing their business as a family dynasty always attracts entrepreneurs and individuals alike, to attend their empowerment sessions which have a unique characteristic of heightening and maximizing the reception of content by their audience with motivational talks.

They have and continue to inspire, train and motivate societies towards their empowerment, with special interest on Youth, Women and Entrepreneurs.

Career Journey...

  • BAM Group which is the umbrella body of the companies that they co-own with their brand manager and sister - 'Malisema Mahloane - was founded in 2005 with just one company. It now has a conglomerate of businesses and organizations:

    • * BAM Consultancy,
    • * BAM Promotions,
    • * BAM Media,
    • * BAM Group Foundation.
  • Their group through BAM Media publishes three routine publications in Lesotho: the free weekly business Informative Newspaper, the bi-monthly women's Finite Magazine and routine youth's Achiever Magazine. Their brand - Twin Talk, as well as LEBO Network and Mokorotlo Galaxy Entertainment are some of their bi-products within the BAM Group.



Global Recognition...

  • The Ts'ita twins: Phenomenal dynamites from the mountain kingdom of Lesotho

    Mantsebeng Maepe


  • They are double trouble, double threat and authors of the twin book; “Distinguish or Extinguish Yourself”. They are well known as the Ts'ita twins in Lesotho and around Southern Africa as the two powerhouses serial entrepreneurs . The Ts'ita twins have a knack for success in developing and creating multiple enterprises that solve Lesotho's high unemployment rate.

    The twins, Nts'epeng and Ts'epang Ts'ita have managed to consistently build one business after another. The Ts'ita twins empower Basotho women through the Finite women awards and build patriotism among the Basotho nation.

    For their many efforts the twins have received numerous awards. Among them are the Mantsopa award (2010), the Commonwealth Leadership award (2014), as well as the National and Regional Gender Links awards in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

  • The Twin Talk brand is said to be the brainchild behind the many companies that both you two own? What birthed it?


  • We began creating our brand from an early age due to being twins. We always loved to entertain people, whether it be guests at home, students at morning prayer parade, and fellow school mates at scripture union service. This grew to performing with celebrities at local concerts and ultimately we refined it to a more structured collective of ‘Twin Talk'.