What WE Offer...

A range of programmes is designed to help people build Leadership, Management and Self-Mastery for individuals, corporate, local authorities and government people needing to excel to improved levels of capability and execution.

  1. Unleash the potential within with Emotional Intelligence!

  2. This motivation covers a wide area of topics on business and lifestyle issues for our audiences towards Self Mastery for individuals and groups. Some of our popular topics are:

    • Distinguish Or Extinguish Yourself
          • Change Management
          • Emotional Mastery
          • Living A Balanced Life
          • Financial Brainpower
          • Leadership & Management
          • Service Excellence
          • Entrepreneurs, Business and Project Management
          • Reaching for the top in interactive societies
  • Women Empowerment – Coping in Different Roles & Responsibilities
  • Youth Empowerment – Achievement Roadmap
  • Personal Mentorship – One-on-one guidance to individuals on various areas for excellence.
  • Projects Consulting - In line with the services provided by BAM Group companies, we engage on some specific projects directly.

Our mandate is built on 5 pillars: Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills


Programmes are typically delivered in the local vernacular, using world class picture-based learning materials when necessary in order to level the playing fields on literacy and language obstacles to learning. Sessions, which are specifically designed to cater for the audience after thorough training needs analysis for the intended audience, are normally very dynamic, packed with appropriate fun and entertainment while also enriching the element of reality and victory in difficult situations.


Core Functions

  • TWIN TALK empowers the masses generally through the following:

    1. Seminars
    2. Speeches
    3. Consulting
    4. Mentoring
    5. CD/DVD Programs
    6. Online/Print Content
    7. Life Coaching/ Mentoring
    8. Program Directing Roles at events




    • Enhance Emotional Literacy
    • Recognize Patterns



    • Apply Consequential Thinking
    • Navigate Emotions
    • Engage Intrinsic Motivation



    • Exercise Optimism
    • Increase Empathy
    • Pursue Noble Goals